JAM from JYACC is the leading cross-platform tool for building client/server and distributed applications. Unlike other tools on the market which are designed just for either high or low level users, JAM is de-signed for the entire project team to use. JAM provides multiple levels of access to databases, presentation and operating environments, and to the underlying functionality of JAM itself. The comprehensive control you can assert over every aspect of application behavior can be critically important to your suc-cess when building complex, high performance applications.

Despite the sophistication and power of the JAM environment, however, you are not required to understand or master any of JAM’s underlying processing to begin building applications. Instead, you can start by using those JAM features that support your particular project responsibilities.

JAM’s powerful Screen Wizards allow you to create multiple-table, multiple-relationship screens, in-cluding complicated master-detail screens, by point and click selection of the tables and relationships. The screens built by the wizard can be used as-is, without any coding or modification, or be brought into the Graphical Editor for enhancements.

JAM’s Transaction Manager technology simplifies the process of building database applications by minimizing the need for you to write SQL code for the most common database interactions. A transaction model — optimized for the target database — determines what actions occur and how the SQL is generated. By providing the source code for these models, JAM lets you effect global changes by modi-fying the model or substituting your own.