Panther is an open and extendable development framework for building transactional component-based business applications that can easily adapt to business and technology changes. The Panther framework includes a development methodology, visual tools, a data object repository and Prolifics Application Building Blocks (components, classes, methods, functions and code fragments) that simplify component-based development producing predictable results.

The Panther Application Development Environment allows the user their choice of production database, middleware Application Server, Web Application Server, and Java IDEs. Furthermore, Panther comes bundled with both a database and middleware product in order to provide out-of-the-box, end-to-end development capabilities. This enables them to build prototypes quickly while they evaluate which databases, middleware, application servers, and web servers are required in their environment.

Panther’s primary focus is on end-to-end transaction processing across heterogeneous run-time environments. Panther applications can be deployed in thin client environments like the Web, or traditional client-server Graphical User Interface (GUI) environments. The same application can be used in both environments at the same time. The Panther development approach creates applications that are easily adaptable to changes in technology and changes in your business. Prolifics views this shielding of technology from the business logic as “technology abstraction”. This Technology Abstraction is particularly important today because both business and technology are changing more rapidly than ever before.

Panther includes a complete integrated development environment designed to facilitate true team development thereby allowing business analysts, database analysts, application programmers, systems programmers, and user interface designers of all skill levels to participate in the software development process.

This approach further helps organizations deal with today’s shortage of technology expertise, leverage their existing resources, and generate higher return on their investment.