Pardus is software development business delivering mission-critical software and services to its clients. Pardus emphasize creating long‑term value for our clients through superior services and business-centric approach.

Our expertise stems from the experience gained in designing and building complex and successful information systems for the past 25 years in various industries – financial, retail, manufacturing, transportation and so on. We have been building mission critical information systems and software that runs on myriad of platforms and architectures both hardware and software.

Pardus provides development teams to work on client’s ventures either autonomously or as part of an existing team. By using Pardus’ Retainer Service our clients can harness the power of our experienced and reliable experts.

Our experience covers various business areas – from banking, health and trade to software and telecom industries. Our competitively priced services enables our customers to achieve their business goals more cost effectively. We can provide experienced teams of IT and business professionals to assist in software development, application management, integration services, technical writing, preparing user requirement catalogues and functional specifications, architecture design, IT operations management etc.

Pardus’ geographic location enables our teams to travel quickly across the Europe and to be present at customer’s site upon short notice. Today’s communication infrastructure empower us to be telepresent and to work on remote sites across the world as well.